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Custom-made Bumpy Cutout

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Quick Overview:

Turn your favorite photo into a stunning 3D relief sculpture!

A Bumpy Cutout is like a Bumpy Photo except that the background of your photo is removed so it is just the shape of the main subject of your photo.

We'll make your lifeless and flat 2D photo come alive! In full-color and with depth which you can literally touch and feel.

Imagine a custom-made relief of yourself, your loved ones, your pet, your car or your favorite landscape with a lifelike feel that will make it a memorable keepsake to last forever.

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A BumpyCutout™ is a color 3D relief with no background where the shape of the relief is determined by the objects or people in the photo.

It's the modern day's equivalent to ancient expertly-crafted bas-relief / cameo / relievo found in churches and monuments - except now you can afford one and they're in full 24-bit color! Great for relatives or the visually impaired, your holiday memories are so much stronger in 3D!

Your BumpyPhoto can be attached to a photo frame on your desk or on the wall, or placed on an easel.

Photo Please review our Photo Guidelines to see which photos work best.
2D-to-3D Conversion

Please select the 2D-to-3D pricing option in the drop-down box appropriate for your photo. The cost increases with the number of people, if it's just their faces, their upper-torsos or their full bodies or if any pets or complex objects are present. Please refer to Photo 2D-3D Example Gallery for examples of how photos were categorized depending on the subjects present in the photo.

We can only convert faces, full bodies, pets, cars, building or objects into 3D. The background is going to appear as mostly flat with some minor surface detail. The resulting relief has less proportional depth behind the faces or figures than the actual faces or figures would have, when measured in the real world.

Bumpy Photo 2D-to-3D Conversion - Photo Content

The process of conversion of faces and objects from 2D to 3D in your photos is mostly manual. This process takes several hours or days depending on the complexity of the photo. The resulting depthmap then defines a depth for each point in the photo. Surface and color information on the sides or behind objects is not present or used for the relief.

Bumpy Photo 2D-3D Conversion

A BumpyPhoto relief can have different thicknesses for example from 0.4 inches to 2+ inches. More depth doesn't always mean more realism as some aspects of the photo can become stretched. The deepness is relative to the real-life size of the BumpyPhoto relief.

If you have a preferred deepness (up to a maximum of 10" although we do not recommend it), please contact us for a quote.

Bumpy Photo Deepness

The physical size of the BumpyPhoto relief can be selected in the Size option. Bigger sizes cost more.

Bumpy Photo Size Comparaison

The selected size determines the physical length of the longest edge of BumpyPhoto relief, which corresponds to the longest edge in your photo. For example, if the Size is set to 10" then your BumpyPhoto will have a maximum size of 10"x10" for a perfectly square input photo. If your uploaded photo has a resolution of 1600x900 pixels (aspect ratio of 16:9), the resulting BumpyPhoto will have the measurements 10"x5.6".

If you have a preferred size or want the size to be greater than 14", please contact us for a quote.


Matte, coloured and hard plaster-like gypsum-based composite in full 24-bit color with minimum detail level is 0.4mm.. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model, therefore it should gracefully resist superficial scratches and not rub off. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch (sugar-coated/sandstone feel) and some layering can sometimes be visible. Please handle your BumpyPhoto with care as they can be brittle if banged or dropped. To prevent potential discoloration, wetting or direct sunlight should be avoided.

The shell of the relief is typically between 1mm to 5mm in thickness depending on the Size. If you have a preferred thickness for improved sturdiness, please contact us for a quote.

Production Speed

Your item can be manufactured in 3-days up to 4 weeks depending on the Production Speed you select. Shipping time is on top of production time.

If you have a specific deadline in mind, we can try to accomodate you. Please contact us for a quote.

Retouching We can optionally retouch your photos to remove shadowing, blemishes, red-eyes, soften wrinkles, cropping, color exposure or remove shine, convert black&white to color, to name a few. Please enter your notes about which aspect you'd like us to retouch for you in the provided Comments box. More details: our Photo Retouching Service
Bumpy Photo Retouching Service
Approval A computer-generated preview image of the final surface of the relief can be optionally emailed to you for approval before going ahead with production. Once you have approved the preview, we will proceed with production.


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