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Custom-made personalized action figures from your photo - Size chart Customized 12 inch action figure - 30cm Custom-made 6 inch action figure with your face - 15cm Custom-made 4 inch action figure with your face - 9cm Personalized head for Pollypocket doll with your face Custom Minimates action figure with your face on it - 2.5 inch Custom LEGO minifigure with your face - personalized minifig Custom heads for action figures from your photo. Works on Barbie, LEGO, GI Joe, Hot Toys, Minimates, Star Wars, DC Universe, Marvel, Pollypocket and more! Money Back Guarantee Details

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Since 2008, makes unique personalized gifts with the likeness of any friend, co-worker or family member. Using portrait photos, our specialists create Custom-made Action Figures in 4" , 6" and 12" sizes, or simply the Personalized Action Figure Head if you already have a figure, doll or minifigure. Lifesize wearable masks with your likeness along with figurines are also available. Check out our handy work on our Sample Gallery.

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