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Custom LifeMask

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Super-realistic Custom-made color Lifemask from YOUR photo (also wearable).

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Never forget a face: get your own custom-made wearable Life Mask! With traditional lifemasks or lifecasts, the eyes are closed and there is no color. With our Custom LifeMasks, the eyes are wide open and the face is in full color.

This personalized facemask can be worn on the face, put on display, mounted on a mannequin head or fitted onto a doll head. The hollow inside of the mask also displays an inverted face and will follow you round the room in an optical illusion called reverspective visual phenomenon.

Our masks are good enough that researchers at Idiap Laboratory at EPFL University have shown that they can be used to spoof facial recognition biometric security systems even with Kinect-type depth data.

We use advanced 3D imaging and cutting-edge manufacturing processes to create them out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color. A 3D preview will be sent for your approval before manufacturing starts.

The lifesize masks can be worn on the face and offer the maximum likeness, but won't offer any visibility. For this, you would need to order our Wearable Facemask product which has holes at the eyes, nostrils and sides for strings. Or you can optional drill these in yourself with any standard home drill.

Check out our Custom-made Facemask Photo Gallery for more sample photos.


Mask Design The mask is not flexible. The More Forehead version of the mask is available and it covers more of sides of the face and most of the forehead.
Mask Size

Various sizes are available if, for example, you have an unusually small head, you'd like to affix the mask to dolls or large statues or want a bigger mask for display purposes, then we can offer sizes in the following ranging from the tiny 1" length mask to a huge 12" one:

Sizes measure the minimum bounding box of the mask (i.e. the measurements of the smallest box one would need to fit the mask in) and may vary slightly depending on applied face.

1.7 x lifesize: Huge! 31.5x25.4x15.2cm (12.4''x10''x6.0'')
Lifesize:Default Size (standard forehead) 18.3x15.5x10cm (7.2"x6.1"x4")
Lifesize:Default Size (extended forehead) 20.3x14.7x10.4cm (8"x5.8"x4.1")
3/4 lifesize: 13.9x10.5x6.1cm (5.5''x4.1''x2.4'')
1/2 lifesize: 9.4x7.6x4.6cm (3.7''x3''x1.8'')
1/3 lifesize: 6.1x4.7x2.7cm (2.4''x1.9''x1.1'')
1/4 lifesize: 4.6x3.8x2.3cm (1.8''x1.5''x0.9'')
1/6 lifesize: 3.1x2.3x1.4cm (1.2''x0.9''x0.6'')
1/8 lifesize: 2.3x1.9x1.1cm (0.9''x0.8''x0.5'')
You choose: Custom sizes available upon request.

Prices for each size is displayed in the drop-down select box in the order form. Sizes measure the bounding box of the model with standard forehead and may vary slightly depending on applied face.


Mask Material

Matte, coloured and non-flexible hard plaster-like resin composite in full color. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model. 3D Previews of the mask are approximations of the final physical mask; slight coloring variations may occur. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch and some layering can be visible. Please avoid banging, wetting or direct sunlight on the mask. The mask is not meant for extended wearing and has not been dermatologically tested for this. Avoid hard shocks to the mask whilst wearing to avoid breaking it and any possible injury.

Our products are not suitable for children. Head Mounting Instructions

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