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Custom Head for 5" to 8" Figure

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Custom-made Head from YOUR Photo. This personalized headsculpt fits onto most 5-inch, 6-inch to 8-inch Action Figures.

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Get your own custom-made action figure! Buy your lifelike 1:14 to 1:9 scale head (or someone else’s) and easily mount it onto a 5" to 8" action figure body.

From just one frontal photo (and optionally a side photo), a photo-realistic 3D preview of your final personalized action figure head is emailed to you for approval before manufacturing starts. Then, your personalized headsculpt is created out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color. Our custom-made figurine heads are designed to fit onto most 5" to 8" (13cm to 20cm) action figure bodies. You can buy these from your local toy store or you use one from your collection as long as the head is removable.


Head Design

Full head and hollow inside. The hair effect is achieved with a textured color hairsculpt.

Each figurine manufacturer has slightly different head measurements for each figure scale (and even between different lines), so be sure to pick our head size that will best match your figurine's (even if it's a different scale). If you are not sure, measure the dimensions of the original head on your current figure and pick to closest in the list below. Typically, these work well:

Figurine Size Measurements (Depth x Height x Width)
5"    ~2.1x1.9x1.4cm (0.83''x0.74''x0.56'') - varies with face. For example, works with the following figures: Power Rangers, Ghostbusters (ask for necked head version), Doctor Who (ask for necked head version), Halo, NECA, Battlestar Galactica, etc.
6"    ~2.4x2.5x2cm (0.95''x0.99''x0.78'') - varies with face. For example, works with the following figures: DC Comics Classics, DC Unlimited, DC Direct, DC Dark Knight, DC Justice League, Heroes, Buffy Vampire Slayer, Jakks & Mattel WWE Wrestling, WWE Elite, UFC, He-Man, Hasbro Iron Man, NECA, Dragon Ball etc.
7"    ~2.7x2.9x2.2cm (1.06''x1.15''x0.88'') - varies with face. For example, works with the following figures: Taller DC, taller Jakks & Mattel WWE Wrestling, taller WWE Elite, taller UFC, taller Hasbro Iron Man, NECA, Marvel Diamond Select, Dragon Ball, etc.
8"    ~2.9x3.1x2.4cm (1.13''x1.23''x0.94'') - varies with face
You choose:    Quotes for custom sizes available upon request .

Typically, the bigger the head size, the better detail we can achieve. Compared to our 1:6 scale action figure head for 12-inch figurines, some of the finer details visible in the 3D Face will be somewhat lost in the smaller heads.

Assembly Some Assembly Required: Video

First the original plastic head must be removed from the 5-8 inch action figure. In some cases, the head can be removed directly by pulling firmly on the head. However, we recommend first putting your figurine's head under very hot tap water for a minute and then use a towel to pull off the head with a firm pull. The original plastic head can be snapped back on to return the figurine to its original state.

To fix the head to the figurine's neck-post, first knead the provided Putty/Blue-Tak (provided) into a ball of softer putty. Insert it inside the head so that most of the head is filled. Then press it down on the neck-post. The head should now fit firmly it place. It can still be rotated to make the figurine look sideways.

For a more permanent fixation, Expoxy Putty (provided) or Hot Glue with a Glue-gun can be used.

Head Material Matte, coloured and hard resin composite in full color. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model, therefore it should gracefully resist superficial scratches and not rub off. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch and some layering can be visible. Please avoid banging, wetting or direct sunlight on the head. Each head has a unique shape, especially for the facial features.
Our products are not suitable for children. Head Mounting Instructions
Licensed Characters Licensed figures are included in their original packaging so as to respect trademark requirements. is not associated in any way with Barbie, Mattel, Hasbro or any other doll or action figure manufacturer whose items are shown throughout the website.

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