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Wonder Woman Personalized 6" Action Figure

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Personalized 6" Wonder Woman Action Figure

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Outfit DescriptionThe outfit for this figure consists of the following (non-removable) items:
  • Superhero clothing
  • Shoes
We will maintain the theme of the outfit, and exact clothing/props may vary.      

Sample Gallery View many examples of previous ThatsMyFace 6 inch personalized figures made for our customers: Photo Gallery
Action Figure Body
Your 6-inch action figure will vary in size depending on the selected figure, typically between 5-9" (13cm to 20cm) in 1:14 to 1:9 scale. The all-vinyl figure comes with a head created out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color. Easily poseable due to multiple articulations - up to 15+ points of articulation depending on figure type. Articulated 12-inch figure body
Clothing The clothing is typically molded into the all-vinyl figure and cannot be removed and no custom clothing is available. If you want custom clothing, you can just buy the custom head from us and mount it on a figure purchased elsewhere online. The skin color is also fixed.
Head Design

Neckless head. The hair effect is achieved with a colored hairsculpt. 

Some Assembly Required: To make it easier to change clothing, swap figures, orient the head to your liking, avoid breakage during shipping and trademark restrictions, the custom head is loose and can be attached with the provided glue/putties (see video).

Head Mounting Instructions
Head Material Matte, coloured and hard resin composite in full color. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model, therefore it should gracefully resist superficial scratches and not rub off. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch and some layering can be visible. Please avoid banging, wetting or direct sunlight on the head. Each head has a unique shape, especially for the facial features.
Our products are not suitable for children. Head Mounting Instructions
Licensed Characters Licensed figures are included in their original packaging so as to respect trademark requirements. is not associated in any way with Barbie, Mattel, Hasbro or any other doll or action figure manufacturer whose items are shown throughout the website.

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